• When

    The next Life Success & Legacy Webinars* & Boot Camps* are:

    • January 25th – ONLINE webinar @ 6:45PM CST
    • January 30th – Boot Camp 1 & 2 @ 10AM CST – ONLINE
    • February 8th – ONLINE webinar @ 6:45PM CST
    • February 22nd – ONLINE webinar @ 6:45PM CST
    • February 27th – Boot Camp @ 9:30AM CST – Zoom
    • Check back often for future events.
  • What*

    Webinars:  75 minute IBC introduction
    Boot Camps:  Six-hour course of instruction

  • Where

    • Online Webinars are through Zoom.

    • Currently ALL live Boot Camps have been moved to Zoom.

  • Why Should I Attend

    Boot Camp 1: We will address many of your financial questions.

    • Is my 401k a safe place to put my money?
    • Am I saving enough?
    • Is it possible to get multiple uses of each dollar?
    • How can I ever pay off my mortgage, car loans or student loans?
    • Is there a safer place to store my money?

    Boot Camp 2*:

    • Is a ‘Thank You’ to our existing clients and continuing education for all. The Boot Camp 2 is directed by your questions. As you register, please enter any questions you would like to have addressed during the Boot Camp 2.
  • Registration

    These are free events. Click on the registration banner to sign up!

  • Hosted By

    Mike Everett, Chris Bay, Michael Crawford and Shelley Forbis