Chris Gerriets

Hi! My name is Chris Gerriets and I’m excited to share my story.

As an engineer, I like to problem solve. And I had a problem for which I just could not find a solution. My personal financial plan, based on traditional advice, left me filling uncertain and powerless. While financial advisors told me to just trust my money to years of being tied-up in a fluctuating market, my gut told me that there’s got to be a better financial plan than this. Something better than just keeping my head above water, something better than working hard but never really getting anywhere, and something better than trusting everything to an ambiguous plan.

Enter Chris Bay and Nelson Nash’s book. I approached IBC with my usual “here’s-another-scheme” skepticism. As my wife, Faith, and I turned the last page, we intuitively sensed that this could be the life-changing financial concept that we were looking for. Being a thorough researcher, I came upon stories, blogs, articles and books of other people, businesses and even banks who had been successfully using this tool as part of their financial strategy. And the exciting thing for me was learning that Nelson’s solution isn’t just for people with big money. It is just as successful and effective for the everyday financial situation!

The dream of having freedom in our finances and confidently building wealth for later years has now turned from a hope into our reality. And the best part for us is the financial legacy we are creating for our kids, Evie and Ethan, which will enable them to live debt-free and to pursue any career path of their choosing.

Now I am passionate about helping others who are unsatisfied with their financial futures, whose instincts are saying “there is more than this”. There actually is! Imagine with me a hope-filled future in which you can easily handle your emergencies, take the opportunities as they come, grow your cash in a safe, tax-free environment, have the ability to be generous, and pass on a legacy of financial freedom to future generations.

Sound too good to be true? I know the feeling. Do research. Ask questions. Read. And reach out to the Life Success & Legacy Team. We’d love to come along side and coach you on this journey.

Chris Gerriets
Downingtown, PA
Life Success & Legacy