The Action Guarantee: What is it?

Life Success & Legacy: IBC Learning Kit

Terms & Conditions

Not your typical legalese. We encourage you to read the below thoroughly.
These are terms we are both agreeing upon as a basis for our successful relationship together.


What The Action Guarantee Is

Here is what we know for sure: the training curriculum inside the IBC Learning Kit produces RESULTS for people from all walks of life, careers, and industries.

To be clear, it is called an ACTION guarantee, meaning this IBC Learning Kit will work if YOU will do the work. If you think buying a “program” is going to accomplish your financial goals… If you think reading or listening passively will magically eliminate your debt or provide you passive income… If you think you’ve heard it all and know it all (but you don’t have the results to show for it), please DO NOT purchase the IBC Learning Kit.

The information you will encounter is serious learning for those who intend to produce serious results. We understand that this is not for everyone, and we like it that way.

The Action Guarantee is simply us putting our money where our mouth is. If you complete the IBC Learning Kit (which includes your Dream Conversation and IBC Strategy Presentation), and you don’t believe that applying what you have learned can put you in a dramatically different financial position, then we will gladly refund your full investment. All you’ll have to do is prove to us that you did, in fact, do the work (see details below).

Why We Offer This Action Guarantee

We offer this Action Guarantee because we know when you make your decision you won’t know if you can trust what we are telling you. We understand that. We also understand it is likely you’ve purchased or learned about “programs” in the past that weren’t all they were promised to be—we hate that too!

We hope this puts your mind at ease so you can comfortably break the inertia, take a step forward, and make the investment in yourself and your future. You have absolutely zero to lose if it isn’t all that we promise it to be. Sound fair enough?

What ‘ACTION’ means

    • Complete the IBC Learning Kit process to prepare your mind to find what, exactly, is going to be most important as you implement YOUR IBC Strategy.
    • Complete all the reading materials and videos.
    • Complete a free consultation with a member of our LSL team.
    • Complete a Dream Conversation with members of our LSL team.
    • Review your IBC Strategy which the LSL team will design for you.

How To Enact The Action Guarantee

It is difficult to understand the full effect the IBC Learning Kit will have on your future, and your future generations, even before you have seen what can happen with your own finances. We still want to provide you the full guarantee that the Infinite Banking Concept is as excellent as we are telling you it is. This should ease your mind that you have nothing to risk, but everything to gain by getting started.

Assuming you are eligible to enact the Action Guarantee (see above) you must submit your request to our team by emailing here. Once a member of the Life, Success & Legacy Team confirms your eligibility, you will be contacted to finalize your cancellation. This process has to be completed within 60-days of purchase. There are no exceptions. Read that again please—no exceptions. Proof of ACTION is required to enact the Action Guarantee.

Again, we guarantee that applying the concepts you will learn in the IBC Learning Kit will work, if you will do your part—otherwise Life, Success & Legacy would not offer them publicly after 10+ years as a leading practitioner of the Infinite Banking Concept. Our mission is to inspire financial hope and freedom by teaching little-known truths while investing in long-term, trusting relationships. That requires our clients experience RESULTS. We stand firmly behind our education process, our design of your personalized IBC Strategy, and the ongoing coaching we provide our clients.