Infinite Banking FAQ

Why haven’t I heard about IBC before?

Here are few possible reasons you haven’t heard about IBC. First, Nelson Nash didn’t write his book, Becoming Your Own Banker, until 2000. Second, there are not enough IBC practitioners effectively teaching the Infinite Banking Concept. Third, most people will not take the time to educate themselves properly to understand the power of IBC. This includes advisors and potential clients…

What is Infinite Banking?

Can your money do more?

Think about this for a moment – if you could somehow recover all the interest you are currently paying (or will pay) to a lending institution, how would that improve your wealth generating potential?  That includes credit cards, car loans, student loans, business loans, and even mortgages.  The average American pays out $0.34 of every earned dollar as an interest expense.

Business Owners

Great news for Business Owners!

Every business, big or small, is built on the same universal basics: customers, cash flow, return on capital, and growth. Without even one of these, the business becomes stagnant and eventually fails. At its core, the business entity seeks customers with whom to exchange its goods and services for cash. It uses this cash to pay its expenses, replenish its inventory, and eventually grow…

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YouTube Comment

In this episode the team has the opportunity to answer a comment from a listener on YouTube! We love this stuff. Our team thrives on being open and transparent in our pursuit of financial freedom through Infinite Banking. Being skeptical is…
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Thinking Long Range. Why it Matters.

In this episode, the team dives into a principle from Nelson we talk about all the time; think long range. We get asked a lot by clients how they can make thier system go faster, or how they can ramp it up, and it always comes back to thinking…
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Interview with Winnie and Emaghea Lau

In this episode Chris has the honor of interviewing mother-daughter power team Winnie and Emaghea Lau. They have created a program called 'Cash Smart for Life' that helps parents teach their kids how to be financially independent! During the…
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Looking Back: Things we would have done different.

In this episode we take a look back and discuss things we might have done differently when we first started our Infinite Banking journey. Mike E, Chris and Mike C go into detail about their own plans, things they've learned and how it's affected…
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Interview with Haley Davidshofer

In this episose Chris has the opportunity to interview Haley Davidshofer! Haley has been an avid learner of IBC over the last several years. Her journey includes a different look at who to insure, the structure of said policies and how to better…
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Take a tax break? Or get multiple uses of your dollar?

In this episode the team ponders the idea of taking a tax exemption vs getting multiple uses of every dollar. The thinking exercise focuses on 529's and HSA's. Everett will expound upon Willie Sutton's law from Nelson's book and use this as…
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Hear from one of our clients!

Mike Everett

Mike Everett


I was introduced to The Infinite Banking Concept in 2005 and since I have studied diligently to help others learn the power of dividend-paying whole life insurance. I help people understand how to utilize IBC in their personal and business life, thus creating more freedom financially than they could dream.

Chris Bay

Chris Bay

COO - Chief Organization Officer

After serving in the public school system for 22 years as a teacher and principal, I continue to utilize my teaching and leadership background to help people understand and apply the Infinite Banking Concept in their lives. One of my strengths is that I am a questioner and a listener.

Mike Crawford

Mike Crawford

Technical Director

In November of 2014 I was introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept by Mike Everett when I was rebuilding the Life Success & Legacy website. Little did I know that just 5 months later I would not only be participating in the Infinite Banking Concept, but I would be working with Mike and Chris to educate and coach businesses and families on the freedom and hope that is inherent with the concept.

Shelley Forbis

Shelley Forbis

Client Coordinator

It is my passion to help others realize truths that can enrich their lives. Turning fear into hope is my vision and wish for anyone who feels as if her current situation is as good as it’s ever going to get. I have worked many years in the field of customer service, managing an amazing team for the past ten plus years. I left that job in February 2017 to pursue a more fulfilling path, which I have been blessed to find at Life Success & Legacy as their client coordinator.

Mike Kwong

Mike Kwong

IBC Coach / Passive Income Specialist

Over the course of my many careers, it was as a public school teacher that I discovered my penchant and passion for teaching. Combining my zeal for IBC with my love of teaching, I was honored to be invited to join the team at LSL as an IBC coach and can’t wait to meet you and get you on your way to financial freedom and prosperity.