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Chris Bay

My name is Chris Bay and several years ago, my wife and I discussed our frustration with our existing financial circumstance. We spent time researching and questioning IF there were other tools that could stretch our dollar or make it work harder for us?
As a single income family with an aversion to debt, the choices were limited. However, a friend offered a unique concept that captured my imagination. After studying the concept rather pessimistically, we began to understand the power of the Infinite Banking Concept. We were especially drawn to the ownership and flexibility one has over their money using this process. In addition, we viewed this as a learning tool for our daughters that would have a generational impact.

My wife, Shawn, is my best friend and cheerleader.
We’ve been married for over 20 years.
We have two beautiful daughters, Lily and Addie.

After serving in the public school system for 22 years as a teacher and principal, I continue to utilize my teaching and leadership background to help people understand and apply the Infinite Banking Concept in their lives. One of my strengths is that I am a questioner and a listener. These skills allow me to build a context to which we apply the Infinite Banking Concept. I gain great satisfaction in helping others (re)discover hope and freedom in their financial present, future, and legacy.

I look forward to knowing you.

Chris Bay
Life Success & Legacy

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