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How Privatized Banking Really Works by L. Carlos Lara & Robert P. Murphy PhD.

What if there was a solution to government intervention and our current money madness? Would you hesitate one minute in wanting to know what it is? Of course not! No one would. The problem is so pervasive that a solution seems impossible and yet, there is a solution. This solution’s only requirement is the action of a single person acting in a manner to help only himself, but in so acting ultimately he helps all of society.

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Infinite Banking – How It Works by Gary Vande Linde

how it works imageThe essence of the “Infinite Banking Concept” is to recover the interest that one normally pays to a banking institution through the use of dividend paying life insurance and then lending those funds to others so that the policy owner makes what a banking institution does. Funds may be lent to any party including you and earnings can grow within the policy tax deferred.

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Beneficial Websites to Check Out:– Learn more about the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) from Nelson Nash, the discoverer and developer of The Infinite Banking Concept™ through dividend-paying whole life insurance and the author of Becoming Your Own Banker. – The Ludwig von Mises Institute was founded in 1982. This site offers many hours of audio and video, thousands of free books journals, biographies and bibliographies of great economists, an active bookstore with outstanding titles and a full community with forums, chat, user blogs, and more.