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Why are people returning to Boot Camps?

In this episode, Mike and Chris discuss why existing customers, and even spouses, return again and again to Boot Camps. What are they gaining? Is it just the free food?! Listen and find out, and then join us at our next Boot Camp to experience…
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Do I have to be perfect?

In this episode, we discuss a question that we hear all the time, "Do I have to be perfect?" Mike and Chris explain why it's NOT necessary to be perfect and give personal examples on how each of us has not been perfect! It's a great listen.
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Brandon Goswick & Nathan Dean Chat

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In this episode, we interview Brandon Goswick and Nathan Dean out of Texas. They are associate agents of Life Success & Legacy, but their story and background is quite unique. Listen to learn about what they are doing with IBC both personally…
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Chat with Gregg Hielema

In this episode, Chris interviews Gregg Hielema. He has an incredible story to tell. It's a little longer than our normal podcasts, but 100% worth the listen!
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Dream Manager

In this episode, Chris and Mike discuss the idea of the Dream Manager. What it was born from and how we at Life Success & Legacy feel it can change how any sized business interacts with its employees.
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Associate Agents

In this episode Mike and Chris talk about our associate agents and how we address the addition of new agents. Take a listen and check out other podcasts by subscribing!