Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Associate Agents

In this episode Mike and Chris talk about our associate agents and how we address the addition of new agents. Take a listen and check out other podcasts by subscribing!
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Evolution of Life Success & Legacy

In this episode Chris and Mike dive into the changes that have happened in the last few years to the Life Success & Legacy team. It's a great listen especially if you're interested to know where we started and how we've grown!
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

The Client Conversation

In this episode, Chris, Shelley and Mike Crawford (a little) discuss what makes up the client conversation. We dive into the process and even chat about the benefits it can provide outside of Infinite Banking! Be sure to check out our other…
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Conversation with Ron Swall

In this episode, Chris and Ron discuss how he got into IBC, the things he has done and plans to do with it, and how it has impacted his life in so many ways. You don't want to miss this episode!
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Family Banking

In this episode Chris and Mike dive into one of the most exciting aspects of the Infinite Banking Concept, Family Banking. How do we keep OUR money moving through our familial unit! Check it out!
Life Success & Legacy Triagle

What to expect from a Boot Camp

In this episode, Mike and Chris discuss the origins of the Life Success & Legacy Boot Camps, how they've grown and what to expect. Listen in and then go to our Boot Camps page to join one near you!