Income Snowball FAQs

Absolutely!  In fact, it can be done WHILE continuing your flips, depending on how it’s funded.

Not necessarily, in fact it can be done such that it can enhance your flips in due time.

Policy loans can be requested 2 weeks after the premium is paid and the policy is issued.

Typically underwriting takes around 2-3 weeks.

Once a policy size is determined, we go through the application process, which is done online via secure access.  Upon submission it goes to underwriting before it’s approved.

Typically, the policy loan interest rate ranges between 4% and 6%.  Rates are subject to change at the start of each new policy year.

This depends on the MEC but generally we aim for 60% of your annual premium for the first 4 years of capitalization.

We select companies who provide policies which are engineered specifically for IBC, offering optimal cash values early on, and who provide outstanding customer service for our IBC clients.

One can still be the owner of a policy for the life of another person, who could be a spouse, child, or even business partner in certain cases.  The owner is the person who controls the policy, pays the premiums and can take policy loans.

Yes, through a 1035 Exchange, you can transfer all available cash (surrender) values from, and close down an old one, to start a brand new IBC policy, sometimes even without any of your own “new” money. 

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