In this very special episode, Mike Crawford interviews author Chris Bay about his new book, ‘Family Banking with Purpose.’ In his book, Chris uses relatable circumstances that we have all been through. These scenarios can be used to help families implement Infinite Banking in their lives and create financial freedom.

Pick up a Kindle copy for $0.99 from July 23rd to July 29, 2021 on Amazon, or snag a paperback version for $15!

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Life Success & Legacy Triagle

Mike and Chris are digging in for this multi-part podcast on Equipment Financing. For those of you who wanted numbers, here it is. This chapter really starts unfolding the benefits of using Infinite Banking by providing multiple examples of the same situation. This episode is foundational, you may want to listen twice!

Life Success & Legacy Triagle

In this episode, Mike and Chris go into one of Nelson’s most intriguing chapters and, for that matter, opening sentences of a chapter. If you’re a veteran follower of the Infinite Banking Concept, you know what it is. For those who are new, you’ll have to listen to find out!