Life Success & Legacy Triagle

In this episode Chris has the honor of interviewing mother-daughter power team Winnie and Emaghea Lau. They have created a program called ‘Cash Smart for Life’ that helps parents teach their kids how to be financially independent! During the interview we learn the story behind the project, exciting news about the book being released in conjunction with the program, as well as some details about the 8-week course! You can find all the links and information below! Also, check back often to see when the book is officially available. This is a good one!

Website to register for the course:
Primary Website:

2023 Program Dates: September 20th through November 8th


Life Success & Legacy Triagle

In this episode we take a look back and discuss things we might have done differently when we first started our Infinite Banking journey. Mike E, Chris and Mike C go into detail about their own plans, things they’ve learned and how it’s affected how we, as a team, coach our clients. Take a listen and learn how things have evovled and grown for the LSL team over the years!