Interview with the Keck’s Part 2

In this episode, Chris dives into the idea of ‘culture’ with Frank and Rachel who know a lot about it. Why? Well, that’s what they do! For a living… Tune in and see why this idea of culture is so important to not only your workplace, but also to those you may interact with in other ways… like maybe your Infinite Banking Coaches?

Interview with the Kecks

Are you ready? In this episode, Chris interviews Frank and Rachel Keck and it’s awesome. They are longtime friends with the Bay’s and their excitement for Infinite Banking is real. This high energy interview is full of great info and we hope you enjoy it!

Interview with Pei and Mike!

In this episode, Chris has the opportunity to chat with Pei and Mike from Sugar Land Texas. What’s really cool about this, well beside the fact they are amazing people, they found us through this very podcast series! Take a listen and hear how they use IBC and what they do for their community.

Interview with Scott and Jena Sales

Chris interviews Scott and Jena Sales from Pella Iowa! They’re a great family with an awesome Infinite Banking story to tell. Take a listen and see what you can learn.

Gregg Hielema interview from August 30th, 2018

This interview was recorded in August of 2018 and to date, it’s one of our favorite interviews. March of 2019, Gregg took his place in Heaven and we felt we should re-release his podcast. Chris Bay recorded a new short intro to the interview, which is a nice tribute and remembrance of Gregg. Take a listen, we’re sure you will agree that it’s a good one.

Interview with Dr Benson

In this episode we have the privilege of interviewing Dr Eric Benson. He is a staunch supporter of Life Success & Legacy, an accomplished chiropractor and an all around great man. Chris dives into some of Dr Benson’s hobbies, passions and how he uses Infinite Banking in his life. He has some great knowledge and experience, so take a listen!

Side Note: This episode was recorded March 27th, 2019. We found out that morning that the father of Infinite Banking, R. Nelson Nash, had passed away during a surgery.

Brandon Goswick & Nathan Dean Chat

In this episode, we interview Brandon Goswick and Nathan Dean out of Texas. They are associate agents of Life Success & Legacy, but their story and background is quite unique. Listen to learn about what they are doing with IBC both personally and professionally.

Chat with Gregg Hielema

In this episode, Chris interviews Gregg Hielema. He has an incredible story to tell. It’s a little longer than our normal podcasts, but 100% worth the listen!

Conversation with Ron Swall

In this episode, Chris and Ron discuss how he got into IBC, the things he has done and plans to do with it, and how it has impacted his life in so many ways. You don’t want to miss this episode!