In this episode, Chris and Mike discuss a question we get asked all the time… “What about the interest?” You’ll hear why it doesn’t really matter, but why it requires a shift in your thinking!

In this episode, we get to learn how Tod and Shelley became involved in the Infinite Banking Concept and how that excitement eventually turned into a career for Shelley!

In this episode, we have a first time occurrence (though not the last!) interview of a person outside the Life Success & Legacy team! Dr Brain Heck is currently working through the process of becoming a client and wanted to tell his story.

In this episode, Mike Crawford tells how he learned about the Infinite Banking Concept and describes how it has changed life.

In this episode we get to turn the tables on Chris Bay and hear how he got started with the Infinite Banking Concept. He tells us how, after much deliberation, he decided to leave a 22 year career to teach others about the power of IBC.

In this podcast, Chris interviews Mike and we learn about how he was introduced to IBC and what those early years were like!

In this episode Chris and Mike discuss the frequent question, “Is Infinite Banking a scam?” Take a listen and see for yourself why it’s definitely not a scam, and how it can help you take 100% control of your money!

In this episode, Mike and Chris discuss one of the most frequently asked questions, “Isn’t Whole Life Bad”. Take a listen to hear why we believe it’s the single best and safest place to store YOUR money!

In this episode we discuss the sustainability of the Infinite Banking Concept, to the insurance company, if everyone did it! Listen to learn a little about how insurance works!