Life Success & Legacy’s
Infinite Banking Concept Learning Kit!

We are excited to introduce our IBC Learning Kit, which is loaded with all the information and resources needed for anyone who is ready to take the next step in experiencing the life-changing, long-term results that Nelson Nash teaches in his book, Becoming Your Own Banker.

Life Success & Legacy is truly passionate about IBC and sharing this powerful concept with anyone who is interested in taking the time to learn about it.  After more than a decade of teaching many people a different way to manage and control their own money, we have designed this kit as a resource that will guide you systematically and strategically through the steps necessary to first understand, and then fully implement the Infinite Banking Concept in your life. 

When you purchase this kit, here is what you will get:

  1. Life Success & Legacy’s video-scribe (a brief introduction of the Infinite Banking Concept)
  2. Infinite Banking Concept educational articles
  3. A link to Life Success & Legacy’s 1-hour webinar, which highlights some of the key concepts in Nelson Nash’s eye opening book, Becoming Your Own Banker (BYOB).
  4. A mailed hard copy of Becoming Your Own Banker (BYOB) or The Case for IBC.  
  5. A free consultation with a Life Success & Legacy team member (Nelson Nash Institute Practitioner).  
  6. A personalized IBC Strategy, once all the steps of the “Roadmap” have been completed.
  7. Our money-back “Action Guarantee

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