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Shelley Forbis Interview! 2024 Updates

In this episode, Chris has the privilege of interviewing Shelley Forbis! While she prefers to stay in the background, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of care, her story deserves to be shared. Take a listen, and you’ll understand why the LSL team feels 100% blessed to have her.


The non-Roast of Mike Kwong

In this episode, we have the opportunity to non-roast our amazing team member and undisputed passive income champion, Mike Kwong! We’ve brought in Haley as an additional roaster—oops, I mean supporter. Her insights, combined with those of Mike, Mike and Chris, create a very fun and heartwarming podcast. Take a listen, and we think you’ll […]


Interview with Kish Rao!

In this exciting episode, Chris sits down for an insightful interview with none other than Kish Rao, one of our esteemed associate coaches! With a longstanding friendship that spans years, Kish’s journey culminated in his appointment as an associate coach in 2023. As Chris delves deep into Kish’s passion for IBC and his unwavering commitment […]

Think Tank Follow Up & Takeaways

In this episode, we do a follow up discussion about the 2024 Annual Think Tank. We talk about the event, the speakers, the community and more. Some of it is silly, but all of it is good. Take a listen to see why this event is and will continue to be valuable to the Life […]

What’s the deal with PUA

In this episode two Mikes and a Chris discuss the PUA. We’ve discussed the PUA a lot on this podcast, but always from the technical perspective. Mingled in with the technical, this episode provides a broader look at the PUA and even discusses some of the pitfalls that can be experienced. Take a listen.

Think Tank Preview

In this video, the Mike’s discuss our experiences and expectations for the upcoming Think Tank. It will be the first time that the whole team has attended!


Looking back at our Why.

In this episode, we rewind the clock and journey back to when each of us got into IBC and what our Why was. Everett discusses the team Why and then each of us tells our personal story. Our hope is that this episode inspires current or future clients to dig into the ever so important […]

Want to have an engaging conversation about IBC? Start here.

In this episode, the team reflects on the recent holiday season and the possible conversations that might have come up. Namely, conversations about Infinite Banking. Whether you’re an agent or a client, you might get asked what you do for a living, or maybe how you manage your money. Listen to see what the team […]


Turning the Wind Current: Outside vs Inside Debt

In this episode we discuss a topic we’ve covered in a couple of different ways throughout the podcast; the wind current. However, we’ve never broken down all of the language that surrounds the phrase and how it applies to Infinite Banking! Take a listen and see if you already knew how it all works, or […]