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The Golden Rule – BYOB #17

“Those who have the gold make the rules” – Nelson Nash. This episode of our book walk through Becoming Your Own Banker continues to reveal more truths about money. Mike and Chris unwrap The Golden Rule principle, and wow is there a lot to unpack. We think you’ll like this episode, but be prepared, it […]


IBC Policy Design Part 2

In this #tbt we wrap up the Policy Design discussion by going into the details of what Nelson discovered. So many of us buy life insurance for just the death benefit and never think of the possibilities that lie within that contract. Mike continues to challenge us and asks which is more important to you […]


IBC Policy Design Part 1

In this weeks #tbt, Mike and Chris go into more details about the types of life insurance, why most people buy life insurance, and how Nelson, through his own struggles, came to realize the true power of whole life insurance. This part 1 of policy design does really give context to how Infinite Banking works […]


Willie Sutton’s Law – BYOB #16

In this episode Mike and Chris dive into Willie Sutton’s Law. Nelson had a lot of well thought out opinions on things. So why does he follow up the Human Problems with a chapter about a notorious bank robber? Well, I will steal from Nelson (via Willie), “Wherever wealth is accumulated someone will try to […]


The Human Problems – BYOB #15

The first chapter of Section 2 is the Human Problems… Gulp. Nelson knew it was important to tackle this topic first, because we all struggle with these issues. The whole chapter is one page, but it’s a packed one page! Take a listen to how Mike and Chris dissect the human problems and even give […]


Getting Started with Infinite Banking

This #tbt podcast is from August of 2017 and over three years later, it’s still one of the most asked questions. How do you actually get started in Infinite Banking? Listen to how Mike and Chris reframe the conversation and you might just realize that getting started is the easy part, it’s getting out of […]


Who is Life Success & Legacy

This #tbt is awesome. Mike and Chris dive into the heart of who we are. Why do we exist? “To inspire financial hope and freedom by revealing little-known truths about money while investing in trusting, long-term relationships.” That sentence is more than just our mission statement. Take a listen, you will not be disappointed! Original […]


Review of Part 1 – BYOB #14

We are officially buttoning up Part 1 of Nelson’s Becoming Your Own Banker book review after thirteen AWESOME episodes… whew!! We’re having so much fun taking this deep dive into each chapter of this life changing book. In this episode, Mike and Chris go through the review on page 27 (5th edition) and start with […]


Tax Free Wealth Transfer

In this weeks #tbt podcast repost, we wrap up the four pillars of Infinite Banking with Tax Free Wealth Transfer. This is something we all think about when it comes to traditional life insurance purchasing, right? We all buy life insurance for death benefit… Well, that’s where Infinite Banking kicks traditional (old school) thinking in […]

Section One Wrap Up – BYOB #13

This podcast is a wrap up of section one of Nelson Nash’s Becoming Your Own Banker. Mike and Chris highlight the chapters, review key points and sum up the information packed section. After you watch this one, go back and watch the other episodes in this chapter!