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Creating the Entity – Part 3 BYOB #22

In the third part of Creating the Entity, Mike and Chris expand upon Nelson’s idea of having multiple policies to accomplish the long term goals of Infinite Banking. They also reiterate how Whole Life Insurance is misclassified. Pay close attention to this one. The principles are integral into the success of Infinite Banking and center […]


Interview with Mike Everett

Chris interviews Mike Everett in the first of our team interviews. We cover the gamut and think you’ll enjoy this #tbt post! Mike Everett Interview. Transcript Chris Bay: Welcome to the Life Success Legacy Podcast. My name is Chris Bay and I’m joined today with the founder of Life Success & Legacy, Mike Everett. Chris […]


Creating the Entity Part 2 – BYOB #21

Mike and Chris pick up right where they left off and continue to the ins and outs of creating the entity. Nelson spends time explaining the classification of Whole Life, which he contends should have been called a ‘banking system with a death benefit thrown in for good measure’. Remember, we used to think that […]


Is IBC A Scam?

In this #tbt podcast we review the question that we get all the time; is Infinite Banking a scam. The original podcast was released in February of 2018, and honestly, the question probably gets asked more now than back then. We all get so caught up into our current way of thinking, that when something […]

Happy Birthday Nelson

This week would have been Nelson Nash’s 90th birthday and in this episode Mike and Chris pay homage to the man that impacted their lives so much. In fact, we know he left his mark on thousands of people. We hope you enjoy this short tribute.


Whole Life Insurance is bad, right?

In this #tbt podcast, Mike and Chris dive into something we hear all the time, that whole life insurance is a bad place to store your money. In fact, I bet you’ve either said it yourself, or heard someone make the claim. However, this is the absolute brilliance of Nelson Nash and his Infinite Banking […]