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Looking back at our Why.

In this episode, we rewind the clock and journey back to when each of us got into IBC and what our Why was. Everett discusses the team Why and then each of us tells our personal story. Our hope is that this episode inspires current or future clients to dig into the ever so important […]

Want to have an engaging conversation about IBC? Start here.

In this episode, the team reflects on the recent holiday season and the possible conversations that might have come up. Namely, conversations about Infinite Banking. Whether you’re an agent or a client, you might get asked what you do for a living, or maybe how you manage your money. Listen to see what the team […]


Turning the Wind Current: Outside vs Inside Debt

In this episode we discuss a topic we’ve covered in a couple of different ways throughout the podcast; the wind current. However, we’ve never broken down all of the language that surrounds the phrase and how it applies to Infinite Banking! Take a listen and see if you already knew how it all works, or […]

Convertible Terms. Why are they important?

In this episode, we discuss convertible terms. We’ve touched on this topic several years ago and felt a refresher was in order. Take a listen to see how the Life Success & Legacy team coaches our clients on how to integrate convertible terms into their Infinite Banking strategy. Also, listen to some personal stories on […]


Debt or Investments? Which should I do first?

In this episode, we tackle a recent Boot Camp question. Is it smarter to attack debt first, with your IBC plan, or go for passive income through investments? Take a listen to see how the Life Success & Legacy team does it personally as well as how we could coach you through the process!


Is Whole Life the only way to do IBC?

In this episode, the team tackles a question from our recent boot camp about different ways to implement Infinite Banking. Does it always have to be Whole Life Insurance, or can we use another product? Take a listen to see how Nelson thought about this, and how the Life Success & Legacy team coaches! We […]


The Burning Question: What size policy to start with?

In this episode we tackle a question that we get all the time, in many formats: What size of policy should I start with?! As you’ll learn, the short answer is, don’t worry about it! However, Mike Everett, Chris Bay and Michael Crawford dig a little deeper to give you insight on how to find […]

LSL Story – 2023 Updates

In this episode, we revist the Life Success & Legacy story. It has been several years since we did a deep dive into the history of LSL and how each of us joined the team. For those of you who’ve been around a while, this is a fun refresh. If you’re new, enjoy!

YouTube Comment

In this episode the team has the opportunity to answer a comment from a listener on YouTube! We love this stuff. Our team thrives on being open and transparent in our pursuit of financial freedom through Infinite Banking. Being skeptical is perfectly acceptable! In fact, all of us have had those moments of skepticism and […]