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YouTube Comment

In this episode the team has the opportunity to answer a comment from a listener on YouTube! We love this stuff. Our team thrives on being open and transparent in our pursuit of financial freedom through Infinite Banking. Being skeptical is perfectly acceptable! In fact, all of us have had those moments of skepticism and […]

Thinking Long Range. Why it Matters.

In this episode, the team dives into a principle from Nelson we talk about all the time; think long range. We get asked a lot by clients how they can make thier system go faster, or how they can ramp it up, and it always comes back to thinking long range. Even as coaches we […]

Interview with Winnie and Emaghea Lau

In this episode Chris has the honor of interviewing mother-daughter power team Winnie and Emaghea Lau. They have created a program called ‘Cash Smart for Life’ that helps parents teach their kids how to be financially independent! During the interview we learn the story behind the project, exciting news about the book being released in […]

Looking Back: Things we would have done different.

In this episode we take a look back and discuss things we might have done differently when we first started our Infinite Banking journey. Mike E, Chris and Mike C go into detail about their own plans, things they’ve learned and how it’s affected how we, as a team, coach our clients. Take a listen […]

Interview with Haley Davidshofer

In this episose Chris has the opportunity to interview Haley Davidshofer! Haley has been an avid learner of IBC over the last several years. Her journey includes a different look at who to insure, the structure of said policies and how to better utilize the policies long term. She also has learned how to begin […]

Take a tax break? Or get multiple uses of your dollar?

In this episode the team ponders the idea of taking a tax exemption vs getting multiple uses of every dollar. The thinking exercise focuses on 529’s and HSA’s. Everett will expound upon Willie Sutton’s law from Nelson’s book and use this as a reference when contemplating these tax exceptions. Put that all together and you […]


When Does it Get Good?

In this episode, we dive into a question that even we have asked! When does it get good? This can be asked in many different forms, and the team works to break down each angle and give our perspective. This is a fun one full of good information and laughter!


Our thoughts on Skinny Policy Design

In this episode Chris and the Mike’s discuss skinny policy design. We get asked this question all the time, “Is there a way to make my policy grow faster on day one?” Typically, the solution for faster growth is to modify the policy design structure. Take a listen to see what the team thinks of […]


The best type of Policy for IBC

In this episode, Mike Everett, Chris Bay and Michael Kwong discuss a question we get all the time; What’s the best type of policy for IBC? There is a lot of noise out there about this topic, and the Life Success & Legacy team is here to set the record straight. Take a listen and […]


Interest Rates and Picking an Insurance Company

In this episode, we discuss a boot camp question that we get all the time; policy loan interest rates. Mike Everett, Chris Bay and Michael Crawford unpack this topic by giving more insight into how policy loans work and the role they play in the bigger picture of Infinite Banking. Take a listen, if you […]