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Imagination – BYOB #5

In this episode, Mike and Chris dive into one of Nelson’s most simple, yet complicated concepts; imagination. We can all get stuck in our old way of thinking and we must remember that the Infinite Banking Concept is, as Nelson would say, only limited by your imagination! Please enjoy this episode!


Becoming Your Own Banker – Part 3

In this episode, Mike and Chris dive into the first official section of Nelson’s Becoming Your Own Banker titled, very fittingly, Becoming Your Own Banker. Ha! Unpacking this portion of the book is very important in understanding how Nelson chose to frame the conversation about Infinite Banking right from the beginning. Take a listen, we […]


Interview with Michael Hon

In this episode Chris has the great opportunity to chat with Michael Hon! They discuss everything from Michael’s entrepreneurial background, his coming of age story, and even a little Infinite Banking! Please take a listen and make sure to check out all the things Mr Hon has been leaving his awesome mark on. Key Life […]

Premiums – Bill or Deposit?

In this episode Chris and Mike discuss life insurance premiums… Are they just another bill, or could you consider them a deposit into your own banking system? Listen to what Chris and Mike think and how that can be applied to your lives! If you would like to learn more, please contact us today!