In this episode, we dive into how Life Success & Legacy has come to develop into what we are today. Learn how Mike and Chris created our mission statement – and more!

In this episode, we discuss the fourth thing that Infinite Banking does, which is create tax free wealth transfer. How it works and why it matters.

In this episode, learn how to create tax free retirement income using the Infinite Banking Concept

In this episode, we discuss how to use the Infinite Banking Concept to finance everything in your life. Buckle up, this is when it gets fun!

Rapidly eliminate debt while building wealth using Infinite Banking by Life Success & Legacy Team

In this second podcast, the Life Success & Legacy team breaks down the four pillars of the Infinite Banking Concept.

Life Success & Legacy Triagle

In this first podcast, the Life Success & Legacy team reveals how being introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept changed their lives and those around them.