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The Neslon Nash Institue Think Tank

In this episode Mike, Chris and Michael discuss the NNI Think Tank. What is it, who can attend and why do we go back. Take a listen to see how our team stays on the front end of Infinite Banking!


LSL Team Books: The role they play

In this episode Chris Bay and Mike Kwong, with support from Mike C, discuss their two books, ‘Family Banking with Purpose’ and ‘DIBS on Your Money!’. We dive into the books origins, how they fit with Nelsons BYOB and how they can be an integral part of your IBC journey. Enjoy!


External lines of credit. Are they good? Should I have them?

In this episode, Mike, Chris and Mike Kwong dive into another great boot camp question; external lines of credit. We talk a lot about Nelson’s five main principles, which include: Don’t do business with Banks. What did Nelson mean, do external lines of credit fall outside the parameters of the Infinite Banking Concept? Take a […]


Applying IBC – Taxes, Recurring Expenses & More!

In this episode Mike, Chris and Michael discuss a real life application of the Infinite Banking Concept. We often get asked what practical ways you can apply IBC, other than debt reduction. We tackle ideas like: Using your system to hold and pay your taxes, or paying annually on a recurring expense, and more! Take […]


DIBS on Your Money – Mike Kwong’s new book!

In this episode Chris interviews Mike Kwong about the release of his new book, ‘DIBS on Your Money’! They discuss everything from the inspiration for the book, how his daughter and wife contributed and the foundation for the book. This is a good one; take a listen!


October Boot Camp Questions – A Deeper Dive

In this episode Mike, Chris and Michael discuss a couple of the interesting questions we fielded during the October Boot Camp. First, do you need debt to make IBC work? And, if I have a large pool of assets already, is IBC even necessary. We combined these questions since the approach to both answers goes […]


A Look at Strategy Design Monday

In this episode Mike, Chris and Michael discuss a question we get all the time. How does the process work for us when we design strategies as a team on Mondays. Many times people are surprised at the level of detail we go to in order to ensure the strategy is designed as precisely as […]


Re-Interviewing Mike Crawford

In this episode Chris interveiws Mike Crawford, again. Four years after the original interview, Chris and Mike catch up on what has changed since that recording. The topics include, how Mike’s role has changed within LSL, family updates and policy design! This one is definitely worth a listen.


Interview with Mike Kwong

In this episode, Mike Crawford interviews the newest team member of Life Success & Legacy, Mike Kwong. Many of you may already remember an interview Chris did with Mike and his wife Pei back in 2019. Since that interview, Mike has steadily become a more integral part of the LSL team and together Mike and […]


What if I am uninsurable? (The lost episode)

In this episode Mike and Chris discuss the chapter in Nelson’s book titled, “What if I am uninsurable?” This is a super common question we get from clients and potential clients. This chapter discusses how you can still get an IBC plan going, even if you happen to be uninsurable. Listen as Mike and Chris […]