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Is IBC A Scam?

In this #tbt podcast we review the question that we get all the time; is Infinite Banking a scam. The original podcast was released in February of 2018, and honestly, the question probably gets asked more now than back then. We all get so caught up into our current way of thinking, that when something […]

Happy Birthday Nelson

This week would have been Nelson Nash’s 90th birthday and in this episode Mike and Chris pay homage to the man that impacted their lives so much. In fact, we know he left his mark on thousands of people. We hope you enjoy this short tribute.


Whole Life Insurance is bad, right?

In this #tbt podcast, Mike and Chris dive into something we hear all the time, that whole life insurance is a bad place to store your money. In fact, I bet you’ve either said it yourself, or heard someone make the claim. However, this is the absolute brilliance of Nelson Nash and his Infinite Banking […]


Use It or Lose It – BYOB#19

Nelson wrapped up the Human Problems section with a one page chapter on the topic of Use It or Lose It. Mike and Chris venture down into the main principle, EVA, or Economic Value Added. Which is the “recognition of the fact that your own capital has a cost, as well as that which has […]


Is Infinite Banking Sustainable

This weeks #tbt podcast was originally released January 4th, 2018. The sustainability of Infinite Banking has very little to do with the concept itself, but is a question about the insurance industry itself. I believe this question is rooted in the uncertainty of the federal reserve and our monetary system, and as a result, we […]


The Arrival Syndrome – BYOB #18

Nelson states, “This phenomenon probable limited the achievements of mankind more than anything else. When this ‘thing’ infects us, we stop growing, stop learning. We turn off or tune out the ability to receive inspiration — because we ‘already know all there is to know.’” If that doesn’t make you stop and ponder for a […]


Is IBC Too Good To Be True?

In this #tbt post, Mike and Chris talk through a question we get all the time. Is Infinite Banking too good to be true? Honestly it’s a question most of us have asked too! Take a listen to this podcast, and we feel you will be pleasantly surprised that our goal is not to ‘prove’ […]


Why haven’t I heard about Infinite Banking?

In this #tbt episode Mike and Chris break down the reasons so many of us have never heard of Infinite Banking. Mike separates it into three main points: 1. Nelson didn’t write Becoming Your Own Banker until 2000. 2. There aren’t enough IBC practitioners. 3. Third, it takes time and energy to educate yourself about […]


The Golden Rule – BYOB #17

“Those who have the gold make the rules” – Nelson Nash. This episode of our book walk through Becoming Your Own Banker continues to reveal more truths about money. Mike and Chris unwrap The Golden Rule principle, and wow is there a lot to unpack. We think you’ll like this episode, but be prepared, it […]


IBC Policy Design Part 2

In this #tbt we wrap up the Policy Design discussion by going into the details of what Nelson discovered. So many of us buy life insurance for just the death benefit and never think of the possibilities that lie within that contract. Mike continues to challenge us and asks which is more important to you […]