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Mike Everett and Chris Bay

For many of us, a significant barrier to creating the life we want for ourselves and our families is money.  Of course, wisdom tells us financial gain alone is not the answer.  With an emphasis on education and developing trusting relationships, our team helps you increase the level of clarity and purpose you have for your life.

We then design a personalized Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) Strategy to support your vision. How do we know this works?  Each one of us at Life Success & Legacy was in your shoes at one time learning about the power of IBC. Now, we help others create the life they want.

Why does Life Success & Legacy Exist?

To inspire financial hope and freedom by revealing little-known truths about money while investing in trusting, long-term relationships.

What is Infinite Banking?

Can your money do more?

Think about this for a moment – if you could somehow recover all the interest you are currently paying (or will pay) to a lending institution, how would that improve your wealth generating potential?  That includes credit cards, car loans, student loans, business loans, and even mortgages.  The average American pays out $0.34 of every earned dollar as an interest expense.  … read more

Infinite Banking FAQ

Why haven’t I heard about IBC before?

Here are few possible reasons you haven’t heard about IBC. First, Nelson Nash didn’t write his book, Becoming Your Own Banker, until 2000. Second, there are not enough IBC practitioners effectively teaching the Infinite Banking Concept. Third, most people will not take the time to educate themselves properly to understand the power of IBC. This includes advisors and potential clients… read more

Business Owners

Great News for Business Owners!

Every business, big or small, is built on the same universal basics: customers, cash flow, return on capital, and growth. Without even one of these, the business becomes stagnant and eventually fails. At its core, the business entity seeks customers with whom to exchange its goods and services for cash. It uses this cash to pay its expenses, replenish its inventory, and eventually grow… read more

Financial Planning has Failed

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Owning my own bank has enabled me to make great purchases that would have been hard to do otherwise. I was able to buy my airplane for cash financed by my personal bank. But more importantly, my IBC, has changed my family’s future for the better. I know that my lineage will be blessed by having access to finances that otherwise might be unattainable. I can’t thank my financial coaches enough for teaching me to think and be different.

Practicing the Infinite Banking Concept allows me to control what I’ve worked so hard to earn. Now I pay myself what I once paid to others. My IBC coach Mike Everett and his team taught me how Infinite Banking is the perfect tool for making my assets work for me.

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